Seeing a lawyer doesn’t have to be a daunting process and it doesn’t have to mean spending tens of thousands of dollars in a fight with your partner.

For the first appointment you do not need to prepare or bring anything with you unless you want to.  You are welcome to bring a friend or family member with you to support you.

In my experience, most people feel empowered, and positive for sometimes the first time in a long time, after the first appointment simply from knowing the basics of the law and how it applies to their case.

There are many options for you to resolve your issues through mediation, or with the assistance of lawyers outside the Court system.

If the circumstances warrant Court action, we will advise you fully on the process and costs.

The not knowing is often far worse than the reality and by getting some sound advice from the outset the process hopefully will be far less emotionally and financially draining.

Even if you and your spouse have come to some amicable arrangements for your children and property, it is still important to get proper advice to formalise those arrangements.