The end of a relationship is a stressful time, for so many reasons. On an emotional level you may be experiencing a range of feelings – betrayal, anger, sadness, fear, hurt, uncertainty, disappointment, disbelief, or regret. On a practical level you may not know what steps you should be taking or what you should be doing or saying to your partner or children.

Just because divorce is more common now doesn’t mean it is any easier to deal with or simpler to know what to do. Every family law situation is different, so although you may have friends, family or colleagues who have been through a separation, chances are that the process and outcome in your matter will be quite different, and in fact it can be detrimental to your case to act on advice from anyone apart from a specialist in family law.


Burrell Family Law is a specialist Family Law practice based in the bayside suburb of Black Rock. Founded in 2011, divorce lawyers Prue Burrell and Suzanne Stewart, have over 34 years’ of combined experience working in family law. Burrell Family Law handles all matters arising from the breakdown of a marriages and defacto relationships, in a sensitive and cost effective manner