Anyone who says separation is easy has not experienced it. Separation is absolutely the toughest thing I have been through and family law is hugely emotional. The key to a successful and fair outcome is to have good support and excellent advice. The Burrell team were proactive and there at every point I needed them. Suzanne and Prue were my advocates, counsellors, the ones who picked me up and dusted me off when I needed it. They, in my mind, are consummate professionals that really are the ones to stand behind you and negotiate what is rightfully yours. A great mix of experience, empathy and detail – I would highly recommend the team to anyone.


After 34 years of marriage my husband decided to have an affair with a woman 14 years younger than him. Needless to say I was devastated. After the initial shock and mental breakdown, I knew I needed to start separating myself financially from my husband. When I first met Suzanne I was a mess and completely shell shocked. My husband, being a very successful man hired a lawyer from the big end of town. It took 21 months for the settlement to come through because my husband did everything he could to cause problems. Suzanne persevered throughout this time She was supportive, she didn’t try to tell me what to do but would offer advice if I asked for it. You need this when you are going through such a fraught and emotional process. I got what I was entitled to with Suzanne’s support.



Firstly I would like to thank Suzanne and Burrell Family Law for their wonderful work in relation to my family law custody battle  The service I received was outstanding. Being one of the most difficult times in your life, working with such a professional solicitor who knows her stuff, making the process that bit easier and getting you the results you deserve. Highly recommended.


Recently I engaged Burrell Family Law to handle all of my affairs with my divorce proceedings. This process took over twelve months. During the time I felt that the service levels provided were exceptional, with sound advice at all times provided by Suzanne. I am pleased that the process is now complete, even though my ex wife wanted the process to be drawn out as long as possible, with a more than satisfactory outcome negotiated on my behalf by Burrell Family Law.



Incredibly professional and effective firm. I was faced with the daunting prospect of an illegitimate claim against my property and engaged Burrell family law to represent me in court. The professionalism provided was unsurpassed and my solicitor Suzanne Stewart guided me through the process with ease and gave me confidence in a system which to me previously was a nightmare to even think about. I found Suzanne to be reliable, courteous, extremely astute with a vast knowledge of family law. I achieved a positive outcome and also won a great friend.


A true advocate. The team at Burrell navigated me through the Family Law system with sensitivity. Suzanne guided me in making well reasoned decisions during a time of great emotional distress. Her experience, foresight and willingness to explain legal process meant that I always felt supported and informed.

— Susan